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How do you know a particular hair transplant clinic is the right clinic for you?

It takes more than looking at photos and videos online. When one is considering a procedure to restore their hair they owe it to themselves to be as thorough as possible when performing their research. This means that a hair transplant consultation should be conducted by the doctor that will be performing your hair restoration procedure. With Medikemos Hair Restoration you will meet only with Dr. Lupanzula and not a commissioned salesperson.

Why is this important?

When performing your research regarding your various hair restoration options you will encounter all manner of opinions and “expertise” on every website you find. Every person you meet with has one commonality; they are not the doctor that will be performing your hair restoration, assuming a doctor performs the procedure at all. You will usually encounter lay persons that have a financial incentive to talk you into having a hair restoration procedure even if you do not actually need one. They may even have quotas they have to meet for every month and will do whatever they can to meet that quota. Dr. Lupanzula is different.

Dr. Lupanzula does not employ consultants as they exist in other clinics. Instead, Dr. Lupanzula has assistants that support our patients leading up to their procedure and after their procedure. They answer basic questions and relay proper medical questions to Dr. Lupanzula directly. For your hair transplant consultation, you will meet with Dr. Lupanzula face to face during one of his regular visits to the United Kingdom. This is the optimal hair transplant consultation scenario as he is the one performing your procedure. This means he does not have to rely on a consultant to relay their opinion about your case. He does not have to interpret a consultant’s assessment and he does not have to familiarize himself with your case on the day you arrive. He already knows who you are and knows your case because he performs your consultation himself. Dr. Lupanzula firmly believes this to be the only manner in which a patient should receive a surgical recommendation.

There are occasions where patients wish to have an assessment without having to wait for Dr. Lupanzula’s next visit to the United Kingdom. Therefore, Medikemos Hair Restoration has put into place a comprehensive online assessment option. This will require a basic form to be filled out and submitted. Once we receive your submission we will contact you to arrange a time for a Skype consultation with Dr. Lupanzula personally. Just because we are separated by the Channel does not mean we cannot maintain Dr. Lupanzula’s standards for personal interaction. This option allows Dr. Lupanzula to get to know your case intimately and thoroughly so he can properly prepare for your arrival in Brussels.

Dr. Lupanzula believes that the doctor should be involved deeply in every aspect of your hair restoration experience and this is reflected from your initial hair transplant consultation to being the only person to conduct your hair restoration procedure. Dr. Lupanzula and Medikemos Hair Restoration do not take shortcuts because in the end, you the patient have more potential for being harmed. This is, according to Dr. Lupanzula, against the medical ethic he was trained in.

In order to start your hair transplant consultation with Dr. Lupanzula you should get started by contacting us. Just fill out the hair transplant contact form and you’ll begin your journey!