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Patients are responsible for their own travel arrangements. If flying to Belgium be sure to arrive at Brussels Airport and if you are taking rail then be sure to arrive at Brussels-South (in french: Gare du Midi, in dutch: Zuid Station). Once you have made the decision to come to Medikemos Hair Restoration for your transformative hair restoration we will give you the relevant information necessary for the options available for your accommodations.


When traveling from the UK or anywhere in Europe there is no need for special Visas or documentation however be sure to bring proof of your EU or UK citizenship for your journey. If you are traveling from the United States a Visa is not required, just your passport, but if you are traveling from the Middle East you should consult the website of the European Union to see if a Visa is necessary. You can check your requirements here…

If you have any questions about your journey, we can help, as many of our patients come from outside of Belgium and we have a lot of experience dealing with questions of this nature.

Don’t forget, if you are traveling to our clinic from outside of Belgium you should be sure to take about five days off from work to be sure you heal enough to return with little visible evidence that you just had a hair transplant.