The Top 3 Reasons for Hair Loss

//The Top 3 Reasons for Hair Loss

The Top 3 Reasons for Hair Loss


Hair loss can be debilitating and often confusing. For many men and women, hair loss can begin unexpectedly and occur without any discernible reason. If you are experiencing hair loss, read on to learn a little bit more about what causes it and what you can do to restore your thinning hair with help from Dr. Lupanzula at Medikemos Hair Transplantation Clinic.


Unfortunately, the main cause of hair loss is unavoidable and inherited from genetics. If your parents or grandparents had thinning or balding hair later in life, then you can expect to experience it as well. Medical experts are still determining the exact cause of genetic hair loss, also referred to as androgenetic alopecia, in order to formulate a cure and prevent it once and for all. Current studies point to an increase in the hormone dihydrotestosterone as the main culprit behind hair loss as it has been shown to shrink follicles until hair loss ceases altogether.


Aging can cause more than just wrinkles and gray hair. While androgenetic alopecia tends to develop later in life, aging can also cause hair to become thin and brittle. Thinner, more fragile hair requires a gentler approach to hair care and may easily be removed accidentally. Hair also tends to grow more slowly due to aging, so any thin hair that is removed from over-brushing will take longer to come back.

Improper Hair Care

Other factors in your daily life can create hair loss, including high periods of physical or emotional stress, excessive tension on hair roots, overheating from hair dryers and straighteners, and harsh chemicals from hair dyes and bleaches. In order to maintain thick hair and keep your follicles healthy, avoid hairstyles that involve braids or tight ponytails to prevent applying too much tension on your roots. If you regularly bleach or dye your hair, look into special shampoos that lock in moisture to prevent hair from drying out.

How to Counteract Hair Loss

If you are experiencing hair loss for any of the above reasons, hair transplantation surgery can restore the hair that you have lost and fix receding hairlines and bald spots. Dr. Lupanzula exclusively performs the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method of hair restoration surgery due to its effectiveness and lack of scarring. While hair loss can sometimes be inevitable, advanced procedures and hair care options can get you back to looking and feeling like yourself.

If hair loss has stripped you of your self-confidence, let Dr. Lupanzula and the experts at Medikemos Hair Transplantation Clinic help you get it back. Call them today at 44 20 7129 1227 to schedule your consultation.

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