Not Only for Men; Hair Loss for Women

//Not Only for Men; Hair Loss for Women

Not Only for Men; Hair Loss for Women


Despite the stigma revolving men and hair loss, nearly 40 percent of women begin to lose their hair by age 50. Many women feel hopeless and without options when faced with hair loss, but they can benefit from hair restoration options just the same as men. At Medikemos Hair Restoration Clinic, Dr. Lupanzula specializes in hair restoration for both men and women and will work with you to restore your thinning hair.

Hair Loss for Women

Female pattern baldness acts differently than male pattern baldness, affecting the sides and back of the scalp and widening the center part. Unlike men, women affected by hair loss do not experience complete baldness. However, certain parts of the scalp, like the back and the sides, are not immune to hair loss in women like they are for men. Hair loss also tends to be more widely accepted among men than among women, making hair loss for women a more debilitating affliction.

Female Hair Loss Causes

Just like male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness is a result of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) disrupting the hair’s natural growth cycle and killing off follicles. The main cause behind this is still being researched, but studies have attributed a greater risk of experiencing hair loss if there is a family history of thinning hair or baldness. While genetics and heredity play the largest role, other factors can sometimes attribute to hair loss.

Other factors that may cause hair loss for women include excessive tension on the roots from certain hairstyles, the use of harsh chemicals and hair dyes, and over-heating from blow-dryers and hair curlers or straighteners. Prolonged periods of both physical or emotional stress, including injuries or the loss of a loved one, may cause temporary hair loss that occurs up to six months after the incident. However, hair lost in these instances generally regrows in less than one year.

Hair Restoration Options

Hair loss restoration options exist for women, including medicated products, hair growth treatments and hair restoration surgery. Hair loss for women affects the common donor sites used in hair transplant surgery for men making the surgery more limited, but you may still be a candidate for hair transplant surgery depending on the extent of your hair loss. Medicated products, including Rogaine with minoxidil, have been shown to regrow hair and strengthen hair follicles that have begun to die off.

If you are a woman experiencing hair loss and feel like you are without options, contact Medikemos Hair Transplantation Clinic to discuss how Dr. Lupanzula can restore your hair. Call us today at 44 20 7129 1227 to schedule your consultation.

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