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Medikemos Hair Restoration has built a worldwide reputation for excellence that has left hair transplant patients from all over Europe feeling more confident about their hair and themselves. This reputation is based on a few key factors that are difficult to find in most hair restoration clinics. Dr. Lupanzula is unique in the hair restoration field because he performs all aspects of the hair transplant procedure exclusively himself. This follows the basic and underlying truth in medicine that every patient should be treated by a doctor. This insures a stronger bond between hair transplant patients and their clinics in general and helps to create a relationship based on professionalism and trust. Too many hair transplant patients have been distracted by marketing from what really matters for their entire lifetime, the hair transplant result.

Medikemos Hair Restoration is proud to share the results of hair transplant patients that have endeavored to share their own stories for other prospective hair transplant patients to learn from. The number one asset that any hair transplant clinic can have is the track record of performing excellent hair restoration work for their past hair transplant patients. This is why we are proud to share the hair transplant results that many of our past patients have shared themselves. The following cases are presented as originally shared by the patients. All photos were taken by the patients with their commentary translated from French, Spanish, Italian and other languages. All clinical comments are presented in bold.

Hair Transplant Patients

hair transplant patientsHair Transplant Patient #001, 2473 FUE – Please review my photos showing my before and after results from my hair transplant in Belgium. My hair transplant results you see are after I had two hair transplants in France. I consider those two previous procedures at another clinic to be failures. I would like to thank everyone that has posted their own experience online because that is what helped me with my own research. I am happy to share my own photos to help future hair transplant patients with their own research. View the full testimonial…




Hair Transplant Patient #002 –