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Before I arrived to Medikemos Hair Restoration.

I had two surgeries in France to fight my hair loss but neither of them gave me the results I wanted. In fact, they did not grow at all. A few new hairs were visible by the time I chose my third hair transplant with Dr. Lupanzula at Medikemos Hair Restoration. The first photo is what I looked like before I went to Medikemos Hair Restoration in Brussels, Belgium.





One day after surgery.

Here is the placement of the grafts after one day from my FUE procedure with Dr. Lupanzula.

This photo shows a healthy and rapid recovery from the procedure performed the previous day. There is very little scabbing due to the low physical trauma experienced by the recipient scalp. The hairline design incorporated the facial structure of the patient with slight temple angle closure. If you look closely you can see a fairly wide dispersal of the irregularity points that are necessary for a natural result. This approach will vary from patient to patient and is dependent on many variables. 


One month after my FUE hair transplant with Dr. Lupanzula. 

Month One.

This case represents what is considered to be a normal recovery for our patients one month after their FUE hair transplant. The patient will experience some redness in the scalp but it quickly dissipates to a light pink colour as seen in this photo. Most of the grafts that have been implanted have also begun to shed and by one month some of the grafts still retain their hairs. Some additional hairs will continue to shed but some will also remain. 




Two months after my FUE hair transplant with Dr. Lupanzula and I have new growth already beginning. 

Two Months After FUE Procedure.

This is not an uncommon progression for our patients especially since we introduced the use of Hypothermosol and ATP into our graft preparation and post procedure protocols. Hypothermosol and ATP help to preserve the integrity of each graft for maximum survival rates by supplying each graft with the nutrients they need to survive the transplantation process. This helps to allow for a faster recovery and brings the grafts back into the anagen stage of growth sooner than with conventional graft storage methods. Most clinics today still use chilled saline (4C) for graft storage after extraction. This method serves only to slow the metabolic breakdown of the cellular structures in the cells but they still suffer a degree of hypoxia.  



Three months after my FUE hair transplant.

Three months after my procedure the improvements are becoming obvious. The growth is still thinner in the front than in the back where my native hair is still strong but it is catching up and becoming more even across the top of my scalp. There is still a very slight outline of redness in the hairline but it is extremely minor and only I notice it.

It is at the three month mark that this patient is seeing enough of an improvement that the aesthetic between the graft placement in the front and the native hair in the posterior mid-scalp is more homogenized. This helps the patient to have a more natural and normal appearance as the majority of the redness is dissipated or covered by the growth of the new grafts. 



6 months of growth.

Six months after my FUE hair transplant with Dr. Lupanzula. I have enough hair to style and I have more improvement to come. 

This is a fairly standard amount of growth that our patients can expect after having an FUE hair transplant with Dr. Lupanzula. The majority of the grafts have begun to grow and the earlier growing grafts are longer. The degree of growth aids in the overall aesthetic of the result and more improvements will continue. We feel that the average patient will have the full result by twelve months but this can vary from patient to patient with some results taking up to fifteen months. This includes textural changes in addition to density and coverage improvements. 


I believe the result for nine months is very good. Dr. Lupanzula really did a great job for me. We’ll see if it gets thicker over time.

Nine months after 2473 FUE.

At nine months, like this patient, the result is usually good enough that the patient decides they are happy with their appearance. Many patients do not realize that the improvements will continue as every development make an incremental visual improvement that takes more time to appreciate. The twelve month result will be better than the nine month result, not only in length, but also with density. 




Final Result!

12 months after my visit to Medikmeos Hair Restoration and Dr. Lupanzula. I am very satisfied with the result. When I look at the before and after photos I have to say “Thank you!” to Dr. Lupanzula. My two previous surgeries were catastrophic and there was only a small amount of hair from those procedures. My advice to anyone seeking hair restoration surgery in France is to run away from France and go to Belgium!




Here are all of the photos of the recovery from the patient’s FUE procedure with Dr. Lupanzula. His surgical details are as follows:

– Patient age 39 
– NW IV 
– Objective: Frontal line and 1st third 
– Treatment: Minoxidil 5% since 1995 
– Had two previous surgeries (with another doctor) in 2003 and 2006 without results 

– Intervention: 2 days 
– Punch : 0,8 mm and 0,9 mm 

-Total Ufs: 2473 

Hair count: 

I hair: 680 
II hair: 1218 
III hair: 546 
IV hair: 29 
TOTAL: 2473