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You can resume normal hair care after two weeks or when the scabs have fallen off and you have finished your medication, whichever comes first.
You can use any shampoo with a neutral pH level or simply use baby shampoo as found in your local drug store. We do however recommend the shampoo Keratene that we provide for you after your procedure.
Yes, but please avoid the highest temperatures and keep the hair dryer a minimum of two feet from your hair to prevent overheating.
You must protect the grafts from the sun, dust and pollution by using the bandana provided by Medikemos Clinic for two weeks.
Regrowth can begin between three to five months after your procedure but it can take a full twelve to fifteen months for the full and final result.
You can easily begin driving the day after your procedure.
Technically, you can return to work the very next day. In reality, for your own comfort, it is probably best to wait up to two weeks so that everything looks normal. You should speak to Dr. Lupanzula about this if you have further questions.
Dr. Lupanzula enjoys seeing his patients as often as possible. Life does not allow this to be very often however so he wishes to see his patients in person, or to at least have high quality photographs, every three months. This allows Dr. Lupanzula and the staff to monitor and document your progress.
It is generally accepted that transplanted hairs are indeed permanent but there are rare circumstances where this may not be 100% entirely true for all patients.
Dr. Lupanzula asks that you return to your barber or hair stylist no less than three weeks after your hair transplant procedure.
Dr. Lupanzula asks that you wait three weeks before restarting Minoxidil use.
Dr. Lupanzula wishes for his patients to wait seven full days before resuming sports after an FUE procedure.
Yes, but you must wait two to three months. It is best to call Medikemos Clinic first just to be safe.
Swimming in the ocean can resume as soon as two weeks after your procedure  but Dr. Lupanzula prefers that you wait five months before resuming any swimming in chlorinated water.
Yes, but you still need to wait up to three months after your procedure. Call Medikemos Clinic if you have further questions about this issue.
No, not until you have reached your final result one year after surgery. If you wish to use concealers before this period be sure to call Medikemos Clinic. Dr. Lupanzula feels that these types of products can clog pores and have the potential to stunt full regrowth.
You will see the FUE extractions close up in a matter of a few days but they are not completely healed for ten to fifteen days.
Medicine is an inexact science so no surgical procedure can ever truly be performed with a “guarantee”. Clinics that offer such promises are not completely transparent in this regard. There is a risk of incomplete regrowth from the procedure but it is very low, less than 5%. We do not have cases of complete failure.
Dr. Lupanzula will discuss your case and review your photos. If you live close enough to Medikemos Clinic he will prefer to see you in person. Dr. Lupanzula will discuss with you your options for how to achieve full satisfaction and a plan will be made. Dr. Lupanzula and Medikemos Clinic ALWAYS stand behind and support the patient.
Absolutely, yes! Dr. Lupanzula recommends Biotin and MSM. These products can be discussed with you when you arrive to the clinic.
Yes. Smoking constricts blood vessels which is counter-productive to optimal healing after any surgical procedure. By ceasing the use of tobacco products you are boosting the potential for strong and early regrowth. If you continue to smoke after a procedure you run the risk of compromising your final result, not to mention your health.