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Why should you choose Medikemos Hair Transplant Clinic for your FUE hair transplant procedure?

Because when you look at the vast number of hair transplant clinics worldwide that perform surgical hair restoration you will not find a single  hair transplant clinic with the dedication and quality that you’ll receive from Medikemos Hair Restoration.

“Doctor only” dedication

The current worldwide trend in surgical hair restoration is for the typical hair transplant clinic to hand off surgical duties to non-medical professionals such as technicians or assistants and the doctor performs in a supervisory role only. This frees the doctor to hire more technicians to perform surgery which means more patients can be worked on each day. This is a clinical model that allows for one thing – profits.

Dr. Emorane Lupanzula does not work this way. Dr. Lupanzula believes that each patient deserves his skilled hand and personal attention for their hair restoration procedure. This is why the results from Medikemos have a strong record of consistent excellence. Hair transplant clinic technicians are absolutely necessary to complete a full day of hair restoration work but they serve in a support role and do not perform any aspect of the surgery. Technicians inspect, trim and place each follicular unit graft but at no time are they using surgical instruments in an unlicensed  manner. This is our hair transplant clinic philosophy which we feel affords not only the best results but the best care for our patients.

How can a doctor put his name on a result any other way?

How does a hair restoration clinic set themselves apart from the thousands of other clinics worldwide? By making an effort to provide high definition video of as many hair restoration results as possible. Not only that but the video has to be of extremely high quality by using all viewing angles, honest and full lighting, and combing through the hair of each patient to show how the hair truly behaves.

Of course, what good is even the best hair transplant clinic documentation if the result is less than excellent? To be so meticulous with documenting results the results themselves must be able to stand up to the highest scrutiny. This requires the ability to perform hair restoration that is so natural that even an experienced eye would have trouble determining if the result is from nature or from man. We think you’ll agree that when you look through our extensive video library you too will find it difficult to believe that you are looking at the results of surgical hair restoration.

Dr. Lupanzula’s experience

Dr. Emorane Lupanzula has been demonstrating excellence in surgical hair restoration for over ten years but he has never been one to rest on his laurels. That is why Dr. Lupanzula takes time out of his schedule every year to visit colleagues around the world so he can stay abreast of the newest trends and technologies in the ever changing hair restoration industry. This allows Dr. Lupanzula to examine even the smallest changes and improvements that may be of benefit to his own procedures with the singular goal of continuing to offer the best FUE hair transplant results in the world.

Medikemos Dedication

Dr. Emorane Lupanzula and the entire staff at Medikemos Hair Restoration understand and recognize the needs of the patient first. Staying true to the medical philosophy of “do no harm” Dr. Lupanzula remains one of the few doctors in the world still committed to performing the hair transplant surgery himself, with technicians assisting for the preparation of grafts and for final implantation. This type of hair transplant clinic dedication is becoming more difficult to find as more and more clinics switch to the “technician model” of hair restoration.

“For my name to be on the final result of every patient that comes to Medikemos I have to be able to say that I did the actual surgery. To give anything less to the patient would be a compromise for myself and for them. I believe in the full surgical aspect being performed by me, the doctor. This gives me complete control of all the details that go into creating a Medikemos hair transplant result”. – Emorane Lupanzula, MD.

The Medikemos Reputation

Medikemos is one of the few clinics worldwide to standardize on presenting regular high definition video updates of our fantastic patient transformations. In each video you will see not only the full before and after transformation but you will also see the details of how the hair grows from the scalp. This is accomplished through close up detailed views that most clinics tend to avoid. If you can’t see the details, you don’t know the full story!

Genuine Photographs, Genuine Videos

Medikemos proudly presents video of the results achieved by Dr. Lupanzula and his dedicated team of technicians on a regular basis. This is because Medikemos Hair Restoration does not wish to rely on just a few results to showcase our abilities. Rather, the belief is that if you can see the continuous updates to our gallery you will understand that the results are not the occasional success story but rather a normal occurrence. Consistency, naturalness, and high yield for each procedure help to produce some of the most stunning hair restoration results anywhere in the world. The only way to demonstrate this is to give the most accurate representation possible and on a regular basis. We do not believe in using “smoke and mirror” techniques nor do we believe in modifying photos for marketing impact. What you see in the photos and videos is what you will see in person.

World Class Skill

Dr. Lupanzula has gained worldwide recognition for taking the technique of FUE (follicular unit extraction) and turning it into an artform. He is regularly recognized by peers for the high yield resulting from his technique and philosophy. Dr. Lupanzula is invited to speak on a regular basis at various hair restoration conferences and workshops worldwide. He was on faculty as a speaker and instructor at the 3rd Annual Mediterranean FUE working in Istanbul and is a founding member of the World International FUE Institute, the premiere FUE hair restoration training and education organization in the world. Dr. Lupanzula also attends all meetings of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS).