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Women also are affected by androgenetic alopecia just like men but they typically do not have patterns as seen on males with typical androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia is so common in women that it affects up to 40% of all women by the time they are fifty years old to varying degrees of severity. When women experience androgenetic hair loss it is usually seen as a general loss from all areas of the scalp. This can also be referred to as diffused hair loss as it affects not only the top, front and back of the scalp but also the sides above the ears and even in the back, below the crown, where the traditional donor zone is found on male hair transplant patients. While the benefit for women experiencing androgenetic hair loss is that they shouldn’t expect complete balding the downsides socially can be more severe than for men. Because women can also lose hair in the donor zone this makes it less likely that a female experiencing hair loss can be a viable hair transplant candidate as the donor hair that is traditionally resistant to hair loss are just as susceptible to loss as the rest of the hair on the scalp.

However, many women are in fact good hair transplant candidates even with female androgenic hair loss as many women do retain a safe donor zone, albeit usually smaller than that found commonly on male patients. The hair in this area can have enough supply to create a positive cosmetic impact. Ultimately, a consultation with Dr. Lupanzula can give you a solid game plan for how to deal with your loss and if female FUE hair transplantation is right for you.

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