What Is the Cost of Hair Transplant and Restoration?

//What Is the Cost of Hair Transplant and Restoration?

What Is the Cost of Hair Transplant and Restoration?


When it comes to any type of medical procedure, the cost should never outweigh the results. However, choosing the right doctor to take care of you can require a higher cost. You may be tempted to choose a cheaper option, but in doing so could jeopardize your own health and receive undesirable results. Finding the right balance between cost and quality can be a tricky subject to navigate, but when taking care of your own body, make sure you weigh all options appropriately.

Hair transplant and restoration is no different when it comes to choosing the right doctor and facility to provide your treatment. At Medikemos Hair Transplantation Clinic, our team is spearheaded by Dr. Lupanzula, one of the foremost doctors in hair restoration. Dr. Lupanzula understands and values the importance of the doctor/patient relationship. When you choose Dr. Lupanzula for your hair transplant and restoration, you can rest assured that you will receive some of the best care and results in the industry.

A Doctor You Can Trust

Dr. Lupanzula firmly believes in performing all of the surgical aspects of his hair transplant procedures himself. He exclusively performs the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method for his patients, allowing him to rebuild and restore thinning hair follicle-by-follicle. Dr. Lupanzula does not believe in allowing medical technicians to perform and part of the surgery and opts to do it himself, ensuring you receive only the highest quality procedure. Technicians are used but only in a role of assistance and support.

Some hair restoration surgeons let unlicensed medical technicians perform hair restoration surgery, allowing the clinic to complete multiple procedures in one day and offer lower costs to their patients in return for inferior results. Dr. Lupanzula and his staff believe in low volume, ensuring each patient receives the individual care and attention they deserve.

Choosing the Right Facility

Settling on a doctor for your hair transplant and restoration is important in balancing cost versus results, but making sure your surgery is performed in a clean, modern and welcoming facility is equally important. At Medikemos Hair Transplantation Clinic, we pride ourselves on the quality of our facility. With a forward and modern design, our clinic reflects the cleanliness and orderliness with which Dr. Lupanzula performs all of his procedures.

You will truly be welcomed as a member of our family during your time with us. Our staff will provide you with a consistently comfortable environment, providing entertainment for you while you undergo your procedure and taking breaks when necessary. Lunch is provided from a choice of local restaurants according to your preference, and you will get to know our team personally during your time with us. Our focus is always on ensuring our patients are happy, comfortable and over-the-moon with their results.

Medikemos Hair Transplantation Clinic

We pride ourselves on providing all of our patients with a welcoming environment, caring staff and an expert doctor who proudly stands behind his work. We understand that cost can be a large factor in deciding the right doctor and location for your hair transplant and restoration. Gives us a call today at 44 20 7129 1227 to learn more about our pricing and how our world-class facility and staff can provide you with an experience you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

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