What is FUE?

//What is FUE?

What is FUE?

Hair restoration has reached new levels in recent years, with the introduction of follicular unit extraction or FUE. This procedure allows for the transplantation of a very small number of follicles at a time, producing a natural effect without visible scarring. The procedure is also less invasive than traditional methods of hair transplantation, providing patients with a more efficient process that involves less discomfort and a shorter recovery period. Despite its numerous benefits, FUE requires a high degree of skill by a surgeon to achieve the best possible results. Dr. Emorane Lupanzula is considered an expert in FUE techniques and is sought by patients worldwide for this procedure due to the superior outcome he can achieve.

Best Candidates for FUE

FUE is a highly specialized type of hair restoration that is not right for every person. The best candidates for FUE will have sufficient donor follicles in the back of the head to create the full restoration. Dr. Lupanzula can also occasionally use body hair transplantation to produce the best results. FUE does not work as effectively for patients with tight, curly hair as it does for patients with straighter hair since this type of hair tends to have a curved follicle root that does not transplant well. Precautions can be made to insure curly hair survival but this makes the procedure longer and fewer follicles can be safely extracted in a day. FUE takes some time to complete well, often spanning two days to finish the transplantation depending on the number of follicles being transplanted. Patients must be willing to commit to the time frame to ensure positive, long-lasting results.

Benefits of FUE

There are a variety of advantages FUE offers over other types of hair transplantation:

  • It is almost impossible to detect the donor area within days after the procedure
  • Follicles can be meticulously implanted to create a full and natural hairline
  • Minimally-invasive technique can be done using local anesthesia lowering some risks
  • Recovery from FUE is much faster than traditional hair transplantation procedures
  • Ability to wear hair in nearly any length and style after transplantation is completed

With extensive experience in this treatment, Dr. Lupanzula can harvest the maximum number of follicles from the donor site, allowing him to densely transplant the follicles into the new area of the scalp for a naturally full appearance.

About the Process

Once local anesthesia is administered, Dr. Lupanzula will begin removing the follicles from the donor site in groups of about one to four hairs at a time. Dr. Lupanzula uses a small sharp punch instrument,  usually in the range of .65mm to .85mm to manually remove the follicles to ensure the best results at the donor site and the greatest number of viable follicles for transplantation. The removed grafts must be properly prepared by our technicians prior to implantation to ensure the best odds that the follicles will survive and thrive in their new location on the scalp.

When the harvested follicles are ready, they are carefully placed into the new site at the proper angle to blend naturally with the hair that is already there. Dr. Lupanzula prepares the new sites by making tiny incisions, with technicians placing the follicles as quickly as possible. He performs all the surgical aspects of this procedure personally, to ensure his patients receive the highest level of care and build a positive doctor-patient relationship throughout the process.

Recovery and Results

The recovery process after FUE is vital to a successful transplantation process. Dr. Lupanzula and his staff provide patients with a recovery package that also contains detailed information of how to care for the newly transplanted follicles. Most patients can resume the majority of their activities within about seven days.

You will not see your results happen overnight. In fact, the newly transplanted follicles will likely shed their hair within about three weeks after your procedure, leaving your hair looking just as thin as it did before your treatment. The good news is the follicles will then begin to regrow hair naturally, giving you a thicker fuller head of hair starting between 3 to 5 months and reaching full maturity within about 12 months. Those results will be permanent and your newly placed hair will grow and can be styled just like the original hair in that area.

Hair restoration is natural, safe and effective today, thanks to evolutions in the hair transplantation technique. To learn more about FUE, contact Dr. Lupanzula’s Belgium office today at 32 2 535 55 40.

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