London Hair Transplant Consultations October 28th, 2017

//London Hair Transplant Consultations October 28th, 2017

London Hair Transplant Consultations October 28th, 2017

hair transplant consultation londonDr. Lupanzula is quickly gaining a strong reputation in the United Kingdom for his “doctor only” approach to fue hair transplant surgery and this is reflected as well with the number of requests for London hair transplant consultations. Due to the last event in London being a huge success Dr. Lupanzula is returning for more one on one London hair transplant consultations on Saturday October, 28th 2017. This meeting is already partially pre-booked so in order to reserve your spot you should contact us soon or else you’ll have to wait until 2018 for your next chance to meeting Dr. Lupanzula for the next round of London hair transplant consultations.

Why should you consider Dr. Lupanzula? There are few doctors left in all of Europe that still believe in a proper doctor/patient relationship and Dr. Lupanzula is one of those doctors. During your London hair transplant consultation you’ll learn how Dr. Lupanzula not only scores each FUE graft but he extracts them as well as both actions are crucial to the overall survival of the follicles. When including the incision making process for the placement of the finely prepared follicular units Dr. Lupanzula is one of the few surgeons that insists on performing the ENTIRE procedure himself. Technicians are relegated to their proper role of placing grafts into already prepared incisions only and no unlicensed individual EVER performs any part of the procedure that breaks your skin. When you consider the fact that Dr. Lupanzula has a lower overall fee than the average fee for Europe you’ll see that your FUE procedure with Medikemos will be an exceptional value. Top shelf medical care for a reasonable fee is almost unheard of but this is the Medikemos ethic.

To reserve your spot to meet and talk with Dr. Lupanzula email now.



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