London FUE Hair Transplant Consultations

//London FUE Hair Transplant Consultations

London FUE Hair Transplant Consultations

london fue hair transplant consultationsLondon FUE hair transplant consultations are now available. Dr. Lupanzula will be in London on Saturday August 12th, 2017 for personal one on one consultations. This is your opportunity to meet one of the most sought after and famous FUE specialists in all of Europe. Dr. Lupanzula will spend time evaluating your specific hair loss issues and he’ll discuss with you the options that you have available to address your hair restoration concerns.

Living in London has it’s advantages, and one of those advantages is having access to one of the few remaining “doctor only” FUE specialists in the world. What does it mean to be a doctor only FUE specialist? During your London FUE hair transplant consultation with Dr. Lupanzula you’ll learn why Dr. Lupanzula believes that it is his medical responsibility to perform all of the surgical aspects of your FUE procedure at his hair transplant clinic, Medikemos Hair Restoration in Brussels, Belgium. The current trend in hair restoration is for unlicensed technicians to perform the FUE procedure with reduced participation from the doctor. In many clinics, a doctor is not involved beyond the initial hairline design and the technicians will perform all aspects of your surgery that will create a permanent impact on your appearance. Dr. Lupanzula however maintains that, in his clinic at least, the doctor should be the one responsible for this incredibly important task. Your self image is at stake and no shortcuts should ever be taken when it comes to your appearance.


In order to secure your spot during this exclusive engagement, contact Medikemos Hair Restoration at You will receive a confirmation and an official invitation along with the specifics regarding the location and venue for your London FUE hair transplant consultation with Dr. Emorane Lupanzula. Don’t forget to view the ongoing hair transplant documentary about Dr. Lupanzula and Medikemos Hair Restoration.

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