Joe Tillman Visits Medikemos Hair Restoration

//Joe Tillman Visits Medikemos Hair Restoration

Joe Tillman Visits Medikemos Hair Restoration

FUE hair transplant doctor training and education has been lacking since the FUE was developed in the late 1980’s. However, in the past couple of years a few doctors have taken it upon themselves to organize and instigate a more formalized and comprehensive approach to FUE hair transplant doctor awareness.

In June 2015 Dr. Lupanzula was taking part in the 3rd Annual Mediterranean FUE Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey where he was presenting and demonstrating his manual FUE technique and sharing his knowledge of FUE and hair transplant surgery. This event was attended by over 300 hair restoration surgeons from around the world and was a milestone in the development of FUE education and fue hair transplant doctor training, thanks in part, to Dr. Lupanzula’s experience and teachings.

During this event Dr. Lupanzula was introduced to Joe Tillman, the famous hair transplant/ hair loss educator and industry pundit from Vancouver, Canada. Joe Tillman is the co-host of Spencer Kobren’s “The Bald Truth” (a weekly hair loss radio program) as well as the publisher of website and the most popular Youtube Hair Transplant channel . Dr. Lupanzula and Joe Tillman quickly realized they had a mutual desire to improve overall hair restoration awareness and to help push the industry forward for the betterment of the patient. By the end of the workshop Dr. Lupanzula asked Joe Tillman to come to Brussels so that he could see first hand how Medikemos FUE hair transplant doctor treats his patients and performs state of the art hair restoration surgery.

FUE Hair Transplant Doctor Evaluation

fue hair transplant doctor

Dr. Emorane Lupanzula hosting Joe Tillman in Brussels

Joe Tillman has been in the hair restoration industry since 2003 and has been a regular source of information for patients seeking some of the most reliable hair restoration advice anywhere online. His passion for helping others comes from his own experience of having had two bad hair transplant surgeries in the early 1990’s and then having had a series of very successful hair transplant repair procedures. He also has worked in the hair transplant industry as a very well known hair transplant consultant from 2003 to 2014. He eventually set out to find and work with doctors that share his belief that the industry can and should be better. Through his efforts working with various clinics from around the world he has helped to educate hair loss sufferers in ways never seen before.

One of the criteria that Joe Tillman has for being able to work with an FUE hair transplant doctor and clinic is that they have to pass his own review process. During this review process he evaluates the following:

  1. Quality of the hair restoration procedure. Joe visits each clinic he works with for a minimum of three days so he can observe how the procedures are carried out and so that he can personally oversee the true quality of work being performed. Anyone can look at a video or photos but Joe Tillman insists on spending days in the OR with the doctor he is evaluating.
  2. Staffing. There is something to be said about having a staff that works like a well oiled machine and according to him, having such efficiency means fewer chances of error and happier patients.
  3. Infection prevention protocols. Joe has worked in several clinics over the years and he’s seen how improper infection prevention protocols can lead to unfavorable outcomes for patients. This is an extremely important point that he is very passionate about.
  4. Patient care both during the procedure and after. Joe believes that patients that are looked after properly, during their procedure, and after, will ultimately be happier patients during the recovery process and into the stage where they see their final results. Hair restoration is about more than just the procedure itself, it is about the overall journey to the final result and clinics that look after the patient for the entire recovery have patients with a stronger appreciation for the entire experience.
  5. Obviously, clinical results. Joe Tillman was able to meet some patients of Medikemos so he could see for himself just how natural our work is. This allowed Joe to see past our fantastic photos and videos online to confirm for him our true skillset and abilities.

In short, Joe Tillman decided that he will only work with and recommend an FUE hair transplant doctor that he would have a procedure with himself. With his incredibly high standards developed from years of personal and professional experience, this is a serious collaboration.

” I know that hair loss sufferers and patients will look at the clinics I work with as potential solution providers to their own hair loss issues. It is for this reason that I have to be able to say I would have surgery with these clinics myself because if a clinic is not good enough for me, how can I recommend these clinics to those that look to me for guidance? ”

– Joe Tillman

In August, 2015 Joe Tillman came to our clinic and spent three days observing multiple FUE hair transplant procedures. He was also able to get a feeling for how our clinic operates and how the staff interact with not only the patient, but each other. He was able to observe first hand the dedication that Dr. Lupanzula gives to each patient, both during the procedure itself and through the overall standards that he has implemented for our clinic. Since August, 2015, fue hair transplant doctor, Dr. Lupanzula and Medikemos Hair Restoration have been a member of the Hair Transplant Mentor team of exceptional hair restoration surgeons and clinics, reviewed accepted and recommended, by Joe Tillman, the original Hair Transplant Mentor™.

In the video below Joe Tillman starts his journey and shows you what it is like to travel to Brussels from Canada or any overseas destination for a hair transplant procedure with Medikemos Hair Restoration. This is the first of several hair transplant documentary videos produced by Joe Tillman to help you understand why he feels that Medikemos Hair Restoration clinic is one of the premiere hair restoration clinics in the world.



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